Anna Mielniczuk

Anna Mielniczuk (b.1991, Rzeszów, Poland/ Currently based in Chicago, IL) is an artist working across painting & drawing, animation, illustration, poetry, designed objects, and other things.

In her work she strives to capture a whimsical spirit that aims to uplift, provoke thought, and instill wonder in the viewer. She enjoys experimenting with different media and employs both traditional and digital techniques in her process. Largely impacted by her immigrant upbringing and experiences, she describes her artistic practice as an ongoing exploration of mystery, hope, humor, and beauty.

After moving with her family to the U.S from a small town in Southeastern Poland in the 90s, she grew up on Chicago’s Northwest Side. She attended City Colleges of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she earned her BFA in 2019. During her time in school, Anna took an interdisciplinary route and studied a variety of subjects such as art therapy, printmaking, art education, and design. She is largely interested in art history, nature, spirituality, folklore, and the use of art as means of healing and making connections.

In her body of work, Anna develops dialogues between symbolic imagery, organic shapes, mark making, and colors, creating a harmonious visual vocabulary that reappears and reinvents itself. Guided by curiosity, her work evolves intuitively and organically; echoing the past as much as the present, championing the imperfect, seeking honesty and openness in the process.

Anna Mielniczuk, CPS Lives, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago art

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