Janet Mesic-Mackie

Janet Mesic Mackie has been a professional photographer for over 30 years, and has honed a vision and body of work that is informed by her love of nature, of form, and her training as a visual artist. “In recent years, my work has moved in a direction that emphasizes the beauty of form found all around us. From landscapes to portraits and images of horses, I look to capture the essence and vitality in the natural world.” As an editorial photographer, Mesic Mackie’s work has appeared in Elle Décor, Veranda, Interiors Magazine, and House Beautiful, among others. She has also been included in numerous interior design books. Janet Mesic-Mackie has a Bachelors degree in Printmaking and Photography from the University of Oregon. She lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.


Portrait by Devina Yoestong

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Janet Mesic-Mackie & Amundsen High School

This project aims to show the personal impact a music curriculum has for students attending Chicago public schools. I have paired the photographs with the student’s own words describing what having access to music has meant to theme. Access to music and art are often viewed as non essential. Arts programs are often the first programs cut by schools as a cost saving measure. Often these are the programs that can be the most impactful for many students.


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