Justin Schmitz

Justin Schmitz is a Chicago based Photographer. He is the recipient of the
Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship, The Tierney Fellowship,City of Chicago CAAP Grant,
Albert P. Weisman Scholarship, and The Union League Civic and Arts Foundation
Scholarship. A collection of his work was part of the Mid-West Photographers
Project at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.  He was runner-up for the
Photography Book Now Prize, and a finalist for the Honickman First Book Prize.

Stories from Justin Schmitz

Marzena Abrahamik & Justin Schmitz at Michelle Clark High School

Marzena Abrahamik and Justin Schmitz worked together to create images for the athletic teams and clubs at Michele Clark High School. The work was originally conceived to provide the staff images for their yearbook layouts. Working together, they created images that would elevate the standard yearbook photograph into something more dramatic and memorable. These photographs made in the context of the CPS Lives Residency take on another life when presented outside the yearbook context. Our intention is to to inspire positive social change by creating an archive of empowering portraits.


Project Overview

Justin Schmitz & Taft High School

Justin is a newcomer to CPS Lives. With a star-studded repertoire , Schmitz prides himself on finding the action in moments, photographing sports teams and school dances for sport. Ultimately, Schmitz is creating a legacy for himself in the program – reminding all the other photographers that these kids, and us, can have fun too.

Project Overview

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