Mia Capodilupo

Mia Capodilupo is a sculptor and installation artist originally from Boston, MA. She received a BA from University of Chicago, studied sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art and received an MFA in Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute.

She has participated in solo and group shows and residencies in museums, galleries and alternative spaces around the country. She has received several grants from the City of Chicago, was a recipient of an individual arts grant from the City of Urbana, IL and received a grant from the Illinois Arts Council in 2011. In 2014, she completed a large public project for the City of Chicago, and was commissioned to create semi-permanent installations for the Indianapolis Art Center and the city of Atlanta in the Summer of 2015, as well as the City of Bellevue, WA in 2016.

Mia is the owner and director of Ignition project space in Chicago.

Mia Capodilupo in Humboldt Park for The Chicago Tree Project on June 28, 2014.

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