Places Under the Sun, 2018 Cyanotype on cotton, unique quilt, 66*36 inch

Following on the history of Chicago documentary projects that CPS Lives continues, students from the nearby Benito Juarez Community Academy were asked to make a snapshot of their place in the city, capturing with their smart phones cameras the world around their neighborhood, mostly Pilsen. Stacy Ciccone, IB digital art teacher at Benito Juarez Community Academy and Jan Tichy, Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute have worked during the spring with two classes to include photography in the existing art program, introducing analog photographical processes into their digital photography. In class the students processed the digital images they captured around their neighborhood into black and white negatives and printed on transparencies that later transferred as sun prints on cyanotype cloth. The quilt that they put together from these prints is a collaborative effort that reflects on some of the perspectives they see their neighborhoods through.