Graduate students from the Institute of Design are working with the Student Voice Committee at Galileo Scholastic to explore ways for students to evolve the Student Voice program and to collaborate on projects that benefit the school community. The main project they will focus on first is looking for ways to improve the student library.

Kelly Costello has a rich history in design research, innovation and education. Having worked more than two decades in design, she brings deep experience to understanding people as well as creating relevant solutions for new business offerings. Her focus on a human-centered perspective drives to solutions that strongly resonate with target audiences to improve engagement and create compelling experiences. Kelly has worked across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, consumer electronics, utilities, web and software design, CPG, manufacturing, and financial services. Kelly is an active educator and workshop facilitator. She is adjunct faculty at the Institute of Design and teaches courses at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago and CEDIM in Monterrey and Mexico City, Mexico. She also coaches team in the Design for America program at Northwestern University.