Through the work of Photographers, Designers, and Fine Artists, we show the
best of CPS schools.


Public Schools
are Key.

Chicago has a long history of being an incubator for various industries: manufacturing, theater, architecture, music, science, literature. As a classic urban center, this city has provided opportunities and support for an array of industries. Now, as we enter the 21st century, this library of industrial and creative venues is transforming into a new range of digital industries. Providing educational resources to help develop an educated society is not a new issue, but one that changes and develops as the urban environment transforms itself. Public schools are key. If a city is to continue to develop and prosper, it must provide superior public services including schools and libraries.

A photo of a grey school table, flipped on its side to form the shape of a diamond, supported by red & blue chairs on each side. a blue chair peeks up from the top corner. there's a blue stairway rear-left and a crayon poster on the wall behind
A portrait of a young person, perhaps a third to fifth-grader, with their head tilted and eyes looking to their left, hands laying flat on a table in front of them, one on top of the other. behind them is well-worn black chalkboard.

We Tell
Their Stories.

Founded in 2018 by Chicago photographer, Suzette Bross, CPS Lives is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization that pairs Chicago artists, designers, creatives, thinkers, makers, and educators with a Chicago Public School during the academic year to collaborate on a project, sharing the unique and individual story of each Chicago Public School. Each story will be celebrated and exhibited through local Chicago Public Library branches, as well as existing on the CPS Lives website as an accessible digital archive of history for students, families, community members, educators, administrators, policymakers, and the general public.

Help Us Make
a Difference.

Each donation supports our organization, our artists, and the schools we work with! All donations are greatly appreciated, no matter the amount, your contribution helps CPS Lives make a difference!