Eseosa Edebiri

I am an interdisciplinary artist from the Bay Area, CA currently based in Chicago, where I received my BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My work focuses on the more challenging conversations we may have out in the world while taking a softer approach to the topic, in an attempt to not add to the ever-growing desensitization of the trauma of it all. Whether discussions on intergenerational trauma, autonomy, or conversations on health and wellness, the way we approach the topic is essential. That is why I take a tactile approach, focusing the materiality on what is often plush to touch. My color palette reflects this softness with its bright, child-like innocence, hopefully inviting you to soothe your inner child.


While I have been playing with the balance between soft and hard, some recent work has been more lighthearted. I am interested in playing with space, time, and a sense of what could be, where or when are you going or are you coming? Often playing on the uncanny and the nostalgic. I balance my time between my practice and teaching artistic skills to all ages.

Nyia Sissac — Environmental Photo

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