Zhuyan Ye

Zhuyan Ye (b. 1996) born in Zhejiang, China and live between China, Taiwan and Chicago. Walking around the marginal spaces of these different cities, I try to test the relationship between the body and the space. I am drawn to people’s agency facing their gentrified personal spaces. In this practice, Language and conversation exist in the form of oral history to negotiate with the grand narrative.

I witness the movement from everything and perform like an animal while accepting illness and death numbly and discipline them into writing and pictorial memory. In the forms of installation, performance and autoethnography documentary, I am currently working on an on-going project “chair practice”. I received a Master of Fine Arts in Studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2022. 

Zhuyan Ye, Chicago Public Schools, CPS Lives, SAIC, Chicago Artist

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Zhuyan Ye
& Robert Healy Elementary
Zhuyan Ye & Robert Healy Elementary

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