Chang-Ching “Casper” Su

Chang-Ching Su searches for transitional spaces between different systems or structures of authority, on the stage or behind the backdoor, before a parenthesis, after a quotation, within vicissitudes, beyond perpetuity. Acting as an internal birdwatcher, stalker, activist, protagonist, and apologist, he shuttles between understanding and incomprehensibility, between naivety and reality, between red velvet cake and national security, between free-flowing elocution and words approaching the tip of the tongue.
As an interdisciplinary artist, Su works with images, languages, found objects, videos, appropriations, social structures, stereotypes, conversations, inquiries, humor, satire, and randomness. He holds a BA in Political Science from National Taiwan University and is currently an MFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Portrait by Tia Mitchell

Stories from Chang-Ching “Casper” Su

Chang Ching “Casper” Su
& Haines Elementary
Chang Ching “Casper” Su & Haines Elementary

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