Jaclyn Jacunski

Jaclyn Jacunski is a Chicago-based artist, was a 2016 Bolt Residency at the Chicago Artist Coalition having her solo exhibition highlighted by the Chicago Tribune. She worked for many years as an assistant to the master printers at Tandem Press in Madison, WI. She currently works at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Office of Engagement as the Director of Civic Engagement working to promote artist led projects in North Lawndale. She has up coming show at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland Maine. Jaclyn’s prints and sculptures are inspired by political controversies that surround land, communities, and acts of resistance. The work frames evidence of those acts, she lifts them out of context to re-think them. She questions how they manifest in public spaces and neighborhood landscapes as an expression of resisting powerful cultural systems such as gentrification, environmental threats, and state violence. Her work explores controversies in Chicago neighborhoods and beyond while considering the impact of an individual. She employs diverse practices but is defined by printmaking’s populist ethic in the distribution of art with posters and zines.

Jaclyn Jacunski is a Chicago-based artist,

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