Faheem Majeed x Floating Museum featured in Hyperallergic

August 10, 2022 10:00 am

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Faheem Majeed (Class of 2019) and his art collective Floating Museum were featured in a Hyperallergic article titled, “If They Won’t Come to the Museum, Then the Museum Must Go to Them.” The article reviews the current exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago, Floating Museum: A Lion for Every Home. “The show raises, and in its own way answers, all sorts of questions about how museums can decentralize power, knowledge, ownership, and privilege.” –Lori Waxman


Floating Museum: A Lion for Every Home is on view at the Art Institute of Chicago through October 17. The exhibition was organized by Floating Museum and Art Institute of Chicago curators Grace Deveney, Elizabeth Siegel, and Matthew Witkovsky.

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